Home Sellers: Beat your home inspection!

A home inspection can either make or break the deal.

Here are some pointers for home sellers to beat their home inspection!

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Imagine the buyer for your home hires a home inspector after getting their offer accepted on your home.
The inspector comes in to inspect the home. After 2 hours of a good, thorough inspection, he finds some serious issues with the home…
The buyer walks away from the deal, and you are back to the beginning again.

How could this be avoided?

Inspect your home BEFORE listing it for sale!

If you are considering putting your home for sale, why not have your home inspected before putting it up?
There is a good chance if you have your home inspected before listing, you will be able to have the issues repaired or replaced before a buyer walks through your home!

The most common issues found on home inspections that could be fixed beforehand;

Roof: Plumbing vent boots leaking, lack of attic ventilation/access, no ridge vent/off ridge vents. Check out the link for information about your roof from DIY Network!

DIY Network: All About Roofs

Electrical Issues: Broken Outlets, defective GFCI (will not trip), Main breaker panels with double-tapped breakers, open ground on outlets. Check out the link below for great information on the electrical systems in your home!
DIY Network- Know Your Homes Electrical System

Windows: Broken glass, damaged window springs, broken window seal (fogged windows), & missing window screens.

Plumbing: Water Heater; missing drain relief valve, missing expansion tank, no drain pan under the water heater.
Toilets- Wobbly toilet (tighten the bolts), broken handle (check the inside of your tank to ensure it is working properly)
Leaking faucets- Check under your sink for leaks often, it is much easier to repair a leak than to replace the entire cabinet/vanity.  Hire a plumber to install new fixtures to make sure you won’t have any more issues!

Smoke Detectors: Something that is extremely important and often overlooked.  The minimum of smoke alarms should be installed inside every sleeping room (even for existing homes) in addition to requiring them outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home.

While it is best to fix everything prior to listing, you may be able to leave some smaller things alone, the buyer might be okay with what is already there!
If the buyers’ loan requires an item to be fixed, check with your agent on the maximum amount you agreed to pay towards the repairs on the financing exhibit (This is true for Georgia, I am not licensed in any other state.)

Have you ever heard  “Save money, hire a pro”?
I agree with this statement completely!
Sure, you can always do things like repainting your home, planting flowers, hang curtains, or even update fixtures. When it comes to serious repairs involving electrical, plumbing, or roofing, it is always best to stay safe & hire a professional!
Repairs you should NOT do yourself

Ashley Alexander is a licensed Realtor in the State of Georgia.
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